• 5 Must Have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

      Today’s post will cover some of the more important WordPress plugins you need to add right after setting up your blog. There are tons of plugins available out there. I am certain many of you wouldn’t even be using the service if there wasn’t such a variety. Below is a list of five useful WordPress plugins you may want to add to your blog: WordPress SEO by Yoast On-site SEO ...

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    • 10 Creative Tips to Become More Productive

      For most of you folks, blogging probably began as nothing more than a hobby. Writing, sharing and hearing other peoples feedback brings a great sense of accomplishment But the fact is you can make money blogging, if you play your cards well. That is namely the reason why lots of amateur bloggers so to say, start taking their efforts more seriously in the hopes to make some residual income.

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    • 3 Creative Ways To Market Your Business Blog Without Social Media

      Once you’ve created and are maintaining your business blog, it’s important that you market it to your audience. While the most common way of doing this is through social media, it’s in your best interest to diversify your marketing efforts. Social media is an excellent place to start, and has more than likely been a significant contributor to the visitors you’ve had thus far.

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  • Local SEO Tools Under $50

    When you speak of SEO analysis, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘statistics’. Now, you cannot do SEO without statistics. Before we move into the serious aspects of statistics and SEO tools that help us do so, let us share a light moment. I am reminded of an old definition of statistics that I have read somewhere. “Statistics is like a bikini.

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  • Do You Want to Build and Host a Website at Zero Cost? Use 000WebHost

    If you don’t have money to invest into creating a website, then 000webhost is for you. In fact, you can create a site that doesn’t cost you anything. Of course, there are a few limitations you must live with. However, this can still be a suitable way to build a personal website, or even for a small business presence (and you can add your own advertisement on it).

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  • 4+1 Unusual, But Clever Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Loading Speed

    There is a wide variety of elements that determine how fast or how slow your blog will load. Some of the ones that you have a more direct control over include the blogging platform that you are using, your hosting provider and how well-optimized your theme is. The loading time of your website has a big impact on user-experience and on SEO as well (your search engine rankings).

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  • Movavi Video Converter: a Powerful Tool for Your Marketing Strategy

    In today’s fast-evolving world, video marketing is becoming an essential part of a business strategy, providing value and relevance to the target audience. In this post, I’m going to introduce you Movavi Video Converter, a powerful tool you should consider when working on your videos and marketing strategy.

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  • 3 Important Factors for More Blog Traffic

    I am really not a fan of the “traffic is everything” theory. I mean traffic alone is worthless. It is just a number, showing how many people visited your blog the other day. But does that mean anything to you? Just in part. What I believe marketers and bloggers should pay a lot more attention to is the actual conversion. The conversion rate is what plays a role.

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  • 6 Ideas for Your Website About Page and Why They Work

    Does your website have an about page? I’m pretty certain the answer here is yes. It is common sense that revealing a bit about yourself can make it easier for your audience to trust what you are offering. Other than your business, giving away personal details about your life shows dedication and authenticity.

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  • 17 Best Free Stock Photo Sites: Get Free High-Quality Images

    If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, where can you find great photos to use for free? Don’t worry! Sit back and relax. In fact, there are hundreds of websites that allow you to search and download free high-quality photos. In this article, you can find the best online resources that millions of people are using every day. 1.

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  • 4 No Nonsense Methods for Advertising an Existing Business

    4 No Nonsense Methods for Advertising an Existing Business September 8, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment Sometimes marketing techniques can get a bit ridiculous, because businesses have become obsessed with keeping up with new trends to reach new audiences. However, you don’t have to go through all of the trouble of digging into a new market if your business is already afloat.

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  • A2 Hosting: a High-Performance WordPress Hosting

    A2 Hosting was found in 2001 as Iniquinet and then re-branded in 2003. They are based in Michigan (U.S.), but they have servers placed globally (Amsterdam, Europe and Singapore, Asia). The company is well known for providing fast speed, superior uptime, and quality customer service. The offer a full range of hosting solutions, going from the shared plan (most common and basic ...

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  • Do You Want to Sell Your eCommerce Store? Here’s How

    Do you have an eCommerce site for sale? Like anyother business, eCommerce websites can be sold and bought by enterprenurs. This is just like a restaurant — you can open a new one or you can acquire an existing one. But the difference in this example is that an established restaurant already has a certain volume of business and clientele that the new restaurantdoes not yet have.

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  • How to Become a Leading Blogger in Your Niche

    How to Become a Leading Blogger in Your Niche July 18, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment Have you ever wondered why some blog owners become leading figures in their niche, while other bloggers fail to get noticed at all? There are many different reasons why this is so and once you’re aware of these reasons, you too could become a blogger huge numbers of people in your niche or industry come to t.

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  • How Can Blogging Advance Your Accountancy Business

    How Can Blogging Advance Your Accountancy Business July 18, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment You’ve just setup your accountancy firm and now you’re wondering where you’re going to get your first bundle of clients, right? You’ve tried local advertising via newspapers, flyers, postcards, and billboards, but you’re probably not getting as much interest as you’d like.

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  • Digital Marketing 101: Simple Strategies For Success

    Digital Marketing 101: Simple Strategies For Success July 13, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment Corporate leaders who are focused on making company growth a reality for 2017 should know that there are multiple strategies they can deploy to realize their goal. One of them is by consistently implementing digital marketing strategies that are known to generate outstanding outcomes.

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