• Why Inbound Marketing Alone Likely Won’t Work Anymore

      Much has been written opining the impact of high-levels of content publishing online across the globe and its impact on marketing. In fact, Mark Schaefer was the first to kick off the debate in January of 2014. To paraphrase his argument: The amount of content being published online is increasing at an exponential rate and will surpass people’s ability to consume it. He calls this “Content Shock.

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    • 7 Digital Marketing Myths to Forget Right Away

      Life is all about motion, and the same is true when it comes to marketing. It has changed dramatically since the old days of marketing through paper flyers and ads to the age of the internet, and it’s digital marketing taking the lead position. Unsurprisingly, there are many delusions and myths about digital marketing that need to be debunked.

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    • Top 25 Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2017

      Executive's Corner, Uncategorized KISSmetrics, Wordstream, Moz, Entrepreneur – phew! Some names, these. Millions of web users trust some digital marketing experts to the extent that these wizards are now credible educators and influencers in the sphere of digital marketing. Following the influencers is your vehicle to success, and here’s the list of the best of them to follow for 2017. 1.

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  • Uncovering your Industry Influencers

    Just a few years ago, if you had mentioned the names Joe Wicks, Zoella and even Grumpy Cat, you might have been met with a blank stare. Indeed, you may not recognize some of these names even now. However, these personalities and many more hold some serious clout on social media. Of course, we’re talking about influencers. You may have heard this term bandied about several times recently.

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  • Quick Fixes for Low Adsense Earnings

    Are you struggling to earn a decent living from your site’s Adsense? Is one site earning a high CPM but another is struggling and earning a few cents for click? There could be a few things causing this, but the good news is that you can turn things around with a few tweaks and changes. 1. You are Targeting Low Cost Keywords The way that Adsense works is that it will look to sh ...

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  • 5 Reasons to Migrate Your Website to WordPress

    WordPress is currently the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world, with about 50% of all websites that use CMS running on it. Website owners are massively migrating to WordPress and for good reasons too since it’s an incredibly flexible and functional platform, but above all – it’s extremely easy to use.

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  • How to Handle Customer Queries during Seasonal Rush

    Holiday seasons bring in mixed feelings of delight and worry for customer support managers. On one hand, they have an opportunity to pump up the sales numbers whereas on the other hand, they also need to pull their socks up for managing customer concerns that may pour one after the other. After all, convincing agents to work who are already in a festive mood is tough.

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  • How and Why Company Stakeholders Should Become Social Media Advocates

    Social media is all about raising brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty, and extending online reach. Unfortunately, none of these would work without trust, which is earned through different strategies. As far as trust-building goes, constantly sharing content — regardless of their being highly relevant or top-notch in terms of quality — can only get you so far.

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  • The Differences between Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Native Apps

    Mobile app development has been a dominant force shaping the marketing landscape for small and large businesses alike. But apps as we’ve come to know and experience them, often referred to as native apps, are evolving thanks to the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This shift is causing some businesses to worry that their native app is going to become obsolete.

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  • Key To Content Is To Keep Asking Questions

    As a former radio show host and conversation-based podcaster, I have had some experience in figuring out how to navigate discussions with strangers. I’ve talked to comedians about their religious experiences and to writers about their favorite bands. I’ve heard stories about mental hospital stays and divorces and discussed parenting and diet regimens with celebrities.

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  • When Putting Pen to Paper is Pushing It

    How Custom Writing Services Can Help In school, work, and life in general, there are often times when it’s necessary to eloquently express oneself in writing. If writing just isn’t your forte or you are too bogged down with other obligations, it might behoove you to outsource your writing. An assignment writing service is a life-saver for many college students, employees, or bus ...

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  • The IAB has 6 Categories of Native Advertising. For Marketers, they are Confusing.

    For several years now, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has done their best to categorize online native advertising to make it easier for marketers, advertisers, media buyers, publishers and the government to understand it better. Unfortunately, it’s hasn’t helped much and in many cases, has created even more confusion. Today, it’s time to propose a new categorization model.

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  • Ultimate list of Tools for Visual Content Marketing

    This list of handy tools for better visual content marketing features tools that were picked for two reasons. Either the tool is exceptionally good and free, or the tool is a paid tool but also allows you to create visual content very quickly. There is a healthy mix of tools on this list that allow you to create a range of videos, images, and animated Gifs.

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  • How Can Startups Conquer Content Marketing Challenges?

    These are the days when startups are discerning more than ever the prominence and efficacy of an impeccable content marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs are investing the best of their efforts in feeding this ‘content marketing’ beast today so that it could safeguard and escalate their business needs tomorrow.

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  • 4 Ways You Can Promote Content on a Tight Budget

    Content marketing requires more work now than ever before. After all, more competitors are publishing content as they try to attract customers. In other words, simply posting to your blog might not deliver the same results as in the past. Budget limitations can compound competitive pressures and discourage you from pursuing a content strategy. Don’t let that happen.

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  • 5 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Watch Out in 2018

    AI, IoT, video content, original content production – these are just a few of the forces that is reshaping the world of content marketing. As we move closer to 2018, marketers will need to make their moves and embrace the latest trends around these. Here is a guide to help you with this. The Increasing Relevance of Original Content It recently came to light that Apple ...

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  • Instagram’s Most Important Statistics for Marketers

    As long as there’s been social media, marketers have been trying to master how to best use social platforms to advance their brands. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter have long been obvious boons to brands, Instagram has proved much trickier. They were relatively late to introduce advertising and tracking features that marketers need for paid campaigns.

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