• How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar: Tips and Templates

      Close your eyes and picture this: it’s May 3, end of day, all the designers have gone home and suddenly it hits you: tomorrow is Star Wars Day—May the 4th—a huge marketing opportunity and you’ve got nothing. A mad scramble ensues to come up with a clever concept, create assets, and execute in time to ride the wave of lightsabre-filled fun. In some cases, it may be too late to do anything at all.

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    • 8 Things to Do During Your First Week as a Social Media Manager

      It’s your first day as a social media manager for a new company. Where do you even start? This question is a common one, but one that often goes unasked as people are worried about seeming inexperienced or making a bad impression when they start a new job. Really, it’s a very reasonable question. Making a critical error would be far more costly than asking colleagues for help.

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    • The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Hashtags

      Hashtags are such a prominent part of culture today that it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what they are. In fact, the hashtag is so recognized that it was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010, and the Scrabble Dictionary in 2014 (#official). Yet even as most people have come to know what they are, many people still don’t understand how to use hashtags.

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  • How to Sell More Products With Instagram’s New Shopping Feature

    Instagram’s latest feature could be a game-changer for marketers of business-to-consumer (B2C) brands. While it’s not currently available to all business (it’s being tested by a select few in the U.S.), “Shopping on Instagram” allows you to tag products in a post. From there, every tagged item leads to a product detail view where potential buyers can learn more.

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  • How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works (And How to Make it Work for You)

    When you log in at LinkedIn.com or use the LinkedIn app, you’re immediately taken to your homepage feed. This page acts very much like the Facebook feed, where you see updates from your friends or Pages you follow. You’ll notice, however, that your LinkedIn feed doesn’t show everything your network is posting by default. That’s because it’s only showing content it believes is relevant to you.

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  • 15 Apps and Tools for Social Marketers on the Go

    Imagine every time you needed to make a phone call you only had a landline. It’s a feverish thought—but that’s the marketer’s equivalent of not having the right apps and tools on their mobile device. The right combination of apps will make your life a lot easier and won’t force you to be tethered to your desk.

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  • Why the internet laughs at my face—and other things we learned in 2017

    At Hootsuite, we’ve published hundreds of blog posts and crafted thousands of social posts. Some work wonderfully. Others fail miserably. Today, I’d like to skip over the mountains of mistakes we’ve made in the past and focus on Hootsuite’s most successful social posts of 2017. Stick around and you’ll find out more about: Our top-performing social posts of 2017 and what we ...

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  • 6 Smart Ways to Drive Conversions on Social Media

    Are you looking for new ways to drive conversions—signups, product demos, website visits, etc.—on social media? Of course you are. That’s why we sat down with Hootsuite’s social marketing lead, Amanda Wood. She gave us the dirt on the best ways to drive conversions based on her experience with Hootsuite’s social media strategy. 1.

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  • 31 YouTube Stats That Matter to Marketers

    The way we consume video is changing fast. Rather than gathering around the TV to watch our favourite shows, we’re gathering in virtual communities to share both short- and long-form video tailored exactly to our in-the-moment wants and needs. YouTube’s first video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. It has been watched more than 45 million times.

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  • 6 Instagram Accounts You Wouldn’t Expect to Be Awesome But Totally Are

    We all know the brands. They’re cool, they’re fun—and they never seem to run out of ideas for creative Instagram content. The reality is that not every brand has a product or service that’s as easily “gram-able” as a company like Airbnb, with their endless supply of gorgeous user-generated travel photos.

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  • How to Get Verified on Instagram (Is it Even Possible?)

    Everyone likes to feel validated, whether it’s unanimous support of your idea in a meeting or winning an award for the most perfect cartwheel in the fourth grade (I still have the trophy). For social media marketers, validation is often synonymous with verification. Most major social networks have a system of verification that sets certain accounts apart from the general popul ...

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  • 11 New People Join Social Media Every Second (And Other Impressive Stats)

    The new 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that there are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet. That means well over half of the world’s population is now online, with the latest data showing that nearly a quarter of a billion new users came online for the first time in 2017.

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  • 10 Sites to Get Free Stock Videos for Social Media

    Feel like you’re seeing more and more video content on your social feeds lately? You probably are. Forty-six percent of respondents in Hootsuite’s annual customer survey said they’re already using social videos, and another 26 percent plan on starting this year. And according to Kenshoo, spending on social video advertising grew by 130 percent in 2017.

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  • 14 Exciting New Things to Try on Social Media in 2018

    Each new year signals a new beginning—especially when it comes to your social media strategy. If you try new things on social this year that other brands aren’t doing, you have a much better chance of surprising your audience and engaging them. We’ve outlined all the major updates and new features for each of the major networks so you can incorporate them into your social mark ...

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  • 7 Pro Tips to Up Your Game on Instagram Stories

    As Hootsuite’s social media coordinator by day and a professional DJ by night, Christine Colling uses Instagram Stories—a lot. That’s why we asked for her advice when it comes to using the Story feature to boost engagement and build an audience. Here are her seven pro tips. 1. Add UTMs to your links to track success Since Instagram’s analytics can’t track link clicks, Colling’s ...

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  • How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad in Minutes

    It’s easy to get confused with Facebook advertising. From behavioral targeting to pixel tracking, Facebook offers a bewildering number of targeting options, advertising best practices, and ad formats. In this article, you’ll learn the five elements of successful Facebook ads. I’ll walk you through each step.

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  • 6 YouTube Channels Your Social Team Can Learn From

    YouTube is a great platform for social media education—you’ve got interviews with the best in the business, tutorials on the latest gadgets, and experts who breakdown otherwise-complicated social media strategies in detail. To save you time, we hunted down the best YouTube channels for social media marketers. Let the learning begin.

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